Scrap Metal Recycling

Our Services in Yatala

QMR Recyclers (QMR) deliver a full range of commercial and industrial metal waste management services.

We pay cash for a wide range of different types of metal scrap, batteries and more.

We provide skip bins and metal waste collection services.

Regular services or on call – fully scalable to your business needs on both a regular basis and/or any services you may suddenly need.

We collect steel, lead, brass, copper, aluminium, batteries, white goods, machinery, metal dross and metal processing materials like swarf and remnant metals from manufacturing, metal fabrication, etc.

Major projects – we can also help with large-scale metal waste disposal, as from construction, demolition and redundant metal product disposal.

Scrap Metal Recycling in Yatala

QMR offers a full range of metal recycling services at our service centre in Yatala on the Gold Coast. Our Yatala service centre offers recycling to the Gold Coast and the south-eastern Queensland region.

Ask QMR Recyclers about Cash for Scrap

Contact us to speak to the professionals and find out more about our cash for scrap services.  If you’d like to discuss your business needs, call us on (07) 3386 1477 or chat online with our experts and ask us for any services you require.