Scrap Metal Recycling

Our Services in Rockhampton

QMR Recyclers (QMR) deliver a full range of commercial and industrial metal waste management services.

QMR will pay cash for a wide variety of scrap metals, metal waste, vehicles and consumer products.

We provide skip bins and metal waste collection services.

Service options – we offer both regular services for businesses that regularly handle metal waste and services on call.

We recycle most common metals, including steel, lead, brass, copper, aluminium, old white goods, redundant machinery, metal waste from industrial processes, swarf, excess fabrication materials, etc.

Large-scale metal waste – we provide services for metal waste disposal, from major projects, high-volume materials, etc.

Scrap Metal Recycling in Rockhampton

QMR offers metal recycling at our service centre in Rockhampton, servicing northern and central Queensland. We provide a complete range of metal recycling, collection and waste management services for businesses and industry.

Talk to Us about Monetising Your Metal Waste

Turn your old metal waste into cash with us.  To find out more about our metal recycling services in Queensland, call us on (07) 4922 3599 or you can chat with us online right now. We’ll be happy to provide any guidance, advice and services you require.