We’ll Do the Hard Work

Let us do all the hard work of inspecting your site, determining the best way to proceed, and then arriving with all the necessary equipment to safely and efficiently dismantle and remove your machinery and waste metal.

We’ll pay cash for your scrap metals, so when we take it back to our metal recycling plant, we’ll accurately weigh it and give you a great price.

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Onsite Dismantling Services

QMR Recyclers (QMR) offers onsite dismantling and rigging services to destroy and remove old machinery and steel structures. We’ll then take your scrap metals to our yard for recycling.

We have all the latest equipment to come to your factory, quarry, mine site, wrecking yard, farm, warehouses, demolition site, or anywhere else you need dismantling and waste metal removal services.

The Metal Recycling Experts

We’ve been recycling all types of scrap metal for more than 18 years, and we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer when you need advice and guidance on dismantling and removing all your large metal machinery and structures.

Call us on 07 3386 1477 or contact us online to book a free no obligation inspection and quote.