Recycling Materials

Scrap Metal Recycling

Most households have unwanted metal items lying around that can easily be turned into cash.

At QMR Recyclers (QMR), we offer cash for scrap metal, old radiators and car batteries. We buy ferrous metals such as steel, cast iron and stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper, aluminium, tin and lead.

We accept items such as:

White Goods
Steel / Stainless Steel
Car / Truck Parts and Bodies
Redundant Machinery

Latest Technology for Accurate Measuring and Weighing

All of our sites have been fitted with a fully integrated metal reporting system. Utilising verified and calibrated platform scales and weighbridges every bin, truck or trailer load is automatically photographed and recorded for ease of reconciliation. Management can also provide waste tracking reports referencing all collections and payments at any time.

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Make Money From Your Scrap!

If you have scrap metal cluttering up your yard, shed or home, you’ve probably wondered about what to do with it, and whether it’s worth anything.

After all, you can’t just throw it away, and it might have some value to someone else.

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally clear it all away, knowing that it’s being recycled, and even make some money out of it?

Recycling for the Planet

QMR only carry out approved responsible recycling practices, so you can feel good that you’ve helped the planet by reducing the use of non-renewable resources.

Every unwanted item you bring to our metal scrap yard is one less item that won’t need to be manufactured from new materials, and we pay top prices for the right metals.

We have three convenient locations in Queensland, so call us on (07) 3386 1477 or contact us online to find out more about recycling your scrap metal.